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Last Year Was Slow - But We Continue to Grow

After a sad year with no "in-person" events, or perhaps because of the extra time we found when events and travel time eliminated, it is exciting to see how much we've grown since we published our first book in 2016.

We now have: TEN authors SIX illustrators and TWENTY-SEVEN books!

In 2020 we added NINE new books, FOUR new authors, and TWO new illustrators.

So far in 2021, we have THREE new books and TWO new illustrators!

There are over half a dozen other books that are in various stages of readiness as of mid-March. These books include more bilingual picture books, an illustrated bilingual collection of Native American legends suitable for all ages, a YA (young adult) urban fantasy series, more psychological thrillers...and more.

As life promises to return to something that resembles pre-pandemic normal, we have started to book appearances at in person events.

Our illustrators: (in order of joining our team) Michelle Bowden Dobi (2017), Cassidy Bodnar (2019), Beverly Martinko (2020), Ashley Plummer (2020), Laura Garvin (2021), Belinda Cohen (2021)

Our NEWEST authors - added in 2020: (alphabetically by last name) Jeremy Cole, Todd Cole, Beverly Sutherland, D.L. Williams

Our other authors (alphabetically by last name)

Kerry E.B. Black (2018), Susanna Fussenegger (2017), David Q. Hall (2017) Debra R. Sanchez (2016), Megan E. Vance (2019), Ruth Ochs-Webster (2017)


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