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front cover - Death Comes for the Rector
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Death Comes to the Rector

(2017) Book One of the Death Most Unholy Series

by David Q. Hall


The Rev. Dr. Daniel Henricks is shocked to learn that the police have called his best friend’s death on Easter Sunday morning a suicide, leaving Danny with unanswered questions:


Why would Episcopal pastor Dr. Bill Brand take his own life on the eve of his greatest archaeological discovery?


If Bill was murdered, was one of their colleagues responsible?

If not, then who?

Death Crashes the Wedding

(2019) Book Two of the Death Most Unholy Series
by David Q. Hall

The Rev. Dr. Daniel Henricks and his best friend, Will “Tiny” Jones, have almost simultaneously fallen in love with strong, fascinating women - Andrea and Angela. 

A wedding is celebrated at Danny’s South Presbyterian Pittsburgh church…but concludes with a murder.

Is the victim the intended target?

If not, then who?

And who’s behind it all?

Death Stalks the Forest 

(2020) Book Three of the Death Most Unholy Series
by David Q. Hall

The Rev. Dr. Daniel Henricks and his best friend, Will “Tiny” Jones, are settling into their new lives in Michigan with their wives Andrea and Angela. 


There was no one more expert, or more lethal, in the North Woods and swamps of Northern Michigan than Junior. No one could match his ability to stalk unseen and undetected in the forest, nor his skill with a deadly crossbow. He could strike and disappear without leaving a trace...

Until one of the most beautiful and proficient women on earth tracked him down.

Death Not Investigated
(2021) Fourth and Final (?) Book of the Death Most Unholy Series.

by David Q. Hall

In this fourth and final installment of Death Most Unholy, the Danny and Tiny saga moves into retirement years. Danny retires from his career of active ordained ministry in the Presbyterian Church, and to his surprise is recruited by Tiny to become a spokesman for Tiny's growing "Tiny's Big Security Services." Danny's beloved wife Andrea simultaneously retires from the Michigan State Police and is likewise recruited to become Chief Investigator for a new division of Tiny's successful company, "Tiny's Big Investigative Services," a private investigator operation.


As Danny and Andrea begin their retirement jobs, they soonare caught up in conspiracy, violence, and murder. The rapidly developing threats and mortal danger for both of them seem to come from multiple, hidden, deadly directions.


Do they look for an enemy without...or is the greatest danger within? In what form will the decisive, final blow be struck?


And who's really behind it all?


And how could, how would, they ever stop investigating?

QUESTION: Is it true that there is another book in this series?
Answer: YES! Expected later in 2023 or 2024.


DavidQ Hall-headshot.jpg

Author David Q. Hall

FRONT COVER-SWARM 3-26-2022.jpg


A Psychological Thriller

by David Q. Hall

Dr. Eric Darden is an elderly, retired college professor. From birth and early childhood, his life was a series of difficult challenges and terrible losses.
Eric suffered lifelong discrimination and mistreatment for every aspect of his “living while black.”
He suffered a crippling accident in a truck assembly plant. He endured the deaths of his mother and his dear wife. He was persistently persecuted while working in his old age as a janitor by two street gang thugs.
But then came his therapeutic backyard beekeeping.
His honeybees brought him peace, order, harmony, and healing.
Until they, too, were attacked.
Until there were two unexplained deaths.
Murder? Negligent homicide? Unexplained?




A Psychological Thriller

by David Q. Hall

"Cellaring," "Glazin'," and visits to the old family homestead and farmhouse out on the Midwestern prairie were always favorite memories for Alice Louis ...until they involved murder.


Alice and the "package" she carried were targeted for elimination by very, very powerful people.


How could she escape a professional hit squad with state-of-the-art technology?

And what was truly reality?



'Bodegando’, ‘Glaseando', y visitas a la antigua vivienda familiar y granja en el medio oeste. La pradera siempre fue el recuerdo favorito de Alice Louis...hasta que se involucraron en un asesinato.

Alice y el "paquete" que llevaba eran el objetivo de eliminación por personas muy, muy poderosas.

¿Cómo pudo escapar de un escuadrón profesional con tecnología de punta?
¿Y cuál era la verdadera realidad? 

Death in the Dinner Group

The concept was a good one. Support! Dinner Group was planned as a non-specific support and potluck dinner group.
It was an opportunity to learn new behaviors and healthier ways to move forward in their lives.
Until one of them became a predator in a target-rich environment and ended up dead.

Who would want to kill Harry?

A better question would be, who wouldn't?


Death in the Dinner Group is the third of his novellas written as fictional mysteries and calls to action to address the global pandemic of mental health disorders. The first, Cellaring, was published in the spring of 2020, to instant acclaim and is available in Spanish as Bodegando. Swarm, was released in early 2022. Beyond the mental health problems, it deals with serious race and environmental issues

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by David Q. Hall

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