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Here are the titles which are currently available for sale and those which will be released in the upcoming months.

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Now Available

Historical Fiction:


   A new imprint:

Toe the Mark, Civil War Series 

by Ruth Ochs Webster

A series of novellas featuring the lives of

individuals involved in the Civil War.

Henry: The Jersey Brigade  is historical fiction based on the life of Pvt. Henry W. Marts, a Quaker who answered Mr. Lincoln's call to arms in 1861. It is the first of seven books in the Toe the Mark Civil War Series.


Excerpt: Henry describing his actions at

the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse:

"We were in the act of running, retreating

under orders of the regiment."


That battlefield proved to be Henry's

ultimate test.

Jesse: 53rd Kentucky

Book Two in the Toe the Mark Civil War Series.

Inspired by the life of a Civil War veteran: Corporal Jesse J. Cook, Co. B, 53rd KY.

Based on military records from the National Archives, regimental records, historical newspaper accounts, and genealogical research.

Cousins at War

Book Three in the Toe the Mark Civil War Series.

Union vs. Confederate.They were brothers and first cousins. Frank, Sam, Alex, and Marion.Forced to choose sides in a divided Kentucky. Their state would rage. Family ties rupture. Loyalties be questioned. Four young men would become "Cousins at War."Inspired by the service of actual Civil War soldiers.Based on military records from the National Archives, regimental reports, historical newspaper accounts, historical and genealogical research.



Ruth Ochs Webster  

Short Story Collections:


A Carousel of Nightmares

by Kerry E.B. Black


A collection of short stories that will thrill readers, without preventing sleep.


Kerry E.B. Black corralled these untameable beasts for your pleasure. Find the beauty in their skeletal coats, the sparkle in their malignant eyes. May the ride they offer lead to the adventure you seek!

Herd of Nightmares 

by Kerry E.B. Black

Some nightmares possess panache, tripping into a subconscious with surprising delicacy to first creep into the dreamer’s trust.

Others pound their splintered hooves through memories, scattering fear with every thundering footfall. 


 Faeirie Herds & Mythscapes

by Kerry E.B. Black

Kerry E.B. Black
Carousel of
Herd of Nightmares-official picture-Cove

Murder Mysteries

Death Comes to the Rector

Book One of the 

Death Most Unholy Series

by David Q. Hall


The Rev. Dr. Daniel Henricks is shocked to learn that the police have called his best friend’s death on Easter Sunday morning a suicide, leaving Danny with unanswered questions:


Why would Episcopal pastor Dr. Bill Brand take his own life on the eve of his greatest archeological discovery?


If Bill was murdered, was one of their colleagues responsible?

If not, then who?

Now Available:

Death Crashes the Wedding

Book Two of the 

Death Most Unholy Series
by David Q. Hall

The Rev. Dr. Daniel Henricks and his best friend,
Will “Tiny” Jones, have almost simultaneously

fallen in love with strong, fascinating women -

Andrea and Angela. 

A wedding is celebrated at Danny’s South Presbyterian Pittsburgh church…but concludes with a murder. Why?

Is the victim the intended target?

If not, then who?

And who’s behind it all?

Coming Soon:

Death Stalks the Forest 

Book Three of the 

Death Most Unholy Series
by David Q. Hall



David Q. Hall

FRONT COVER-Crashes-blood splashed 4-1-2


A Man, A Plan, A Life for Us

by Susanna Fussenegger

Now *available, A Man, A Plan, A Life for Us, a memoir by Susanna Fussenegger, is a heartfelt slice of life. It focuses on life-changing events of a young woman in the Budapest of the mid 1960s and follows her steps with the man who would change her life as they eventually made their way to the U.S.A.
*Available exclusively through Tree Shadow Press
Susanna Fussenegger

Now Available


The Alphabet Sleepover

An English language picture book

written by Beverly Sutherland
illustrated by Beverly Martinko

Lisa's having an "Alphabet Sleepover" with her friends.

What does it mean?

What will they do?


This charming picture book is about fun

with friends and the alphabet.

The sleepover activities are all based on

the letters of the alphabet.

It is a good book for young children

to learn the letters as well as

for older children to read

a fun story about friendship.

Front Cover.jpg

Above Left: Author
Above Right: Illustrator

Bilingual Children's Book


Snow Pants for Isabella
Pantalones de Nieve para Isabella

by Debra R. Sanchez

Illustrated by Cassidy N. Bodnar

Isabella knows her own mind and isn't concerned with doing what everyone else does. A true "mighty girl" story, written in both English and Spanish.

It’s the first big snow of winter and Isabella can’t wait to play outside with her brother. Find out how she fixes some of her unexpected problems.

Es la primera nevada del invierno e Isabella no puede esperar para jugar afuera con su hermano. Averigüe como ella consigue soluciones para unos problemas no esperados.

SnowPants Front Cover.jpg

Bilingual Picture Book:

And My Mother Cried

Y Mi Mamá Lloró

by Debra R. Sanchez &

Illustrated by

Michelle Bowden Dobi

Moving from place to place brings a wide variety of emotions to both children and parents. It can be both scary and an adventure.


This book, based on a true story, explores the many reasons a mother may cry and it also looks at realities that many families face when moving, whether to a new town or to a new country.

Non-Fiction Inspirational Anthology


CELEBRATE: A Collection of Life’s Celebrations


To reduce negativity in the world,

it is vital to devote time to the positive.


Special Days.

Momentous Events.

Personal Triumphs.


All are worthy of being celebrated.


This collection focuses on all of the above.

The style of each piece is as varied as the contributors.


It includes:




and Articles


Start at the beginning and read in order.

~ OR ~

Open the book to any random page.

There is something here for everyone.

October 18, 2018 TAZ Award

Poetry Chapbook


Raw & Unfinished

by d.r. sanchez

This collection of award winning poetry combines published and fresh poems by a multifaceted


Life’s journey begins before we are born and continues after we are gone. Here are words of past, words of future, words of dreams.

Like the author, the words on these pages
are Raw and Unfinished.

Awarded The Author Zone award for poetry, October 18, 2018.

Poetry Collection:

Praises and Ponderings from a Poet's Path
by Megan E. Vance

A collection of heartfelt,

inspirational poems

celebrating grace and love.

1st Cover Draft.jpg
Megan E. Vance

Writers' Tool & Anthology:

Prompted, Prodded, Published:

How Writing Prompts Can Help

All Writers 


This book is both a useful writing tool and an anthology of short stories.

The stories were written by a variety of writers from every skill level.

There are stories by absolute beginners, highly seasoned professional writers, and everything in between.

The ideas provided in this book will spark the imagination and help writers of all levels by stretching the thought process to help:

  • Grow fresh ideas.

  • Try new genres.

  • Break writer’s block.

  • Exercise the craft.

Debra R Sanchez
Pages: A Library Play

~by D. R. Sanchez


Libraries and the books they hold play a vital role in our world. This one-act play explores a possible future where communities stop supporting libraries.


Discover what a small group must do to save the past for the matter what the cost.


Today libraries across the country are being closed due to lack of community and government support. The circumstances presented in this play are all too real.


What would you do if faced with these decisions?

What can you do now to prevent it from happening?

The future of libraries and books is in your hands.


To order, follow the link in the title: Pages: A Library Play

To learn more about the author, follow the link in her name: 

~by D. R. Sanchez

Also available in Spanish:

Páginas: Un Cuento de Bibliotecas

What readers are saying about Pages:


Sanchez is clearly a poet. Let us hope she is not also a prophet. This is a chilling take on current events and where they may lead. ~~ Laura Lovic-Lindsay, Winner of PennWriters Poetry Award



For anyone who cares about the social importance of public libraries, this short play offers an stark, compelling picture of what we stand to lose if meddling politics, a global economy in chaos, and commercial pressures privileging high-tech reading devices continue to hack away at the essential community resource that we perhaps take most for granted.  Sanchez’s choice to place these issues inside a futuristic Hunger Games-like thriller promises to grab the attention of young audiences who need to know what the American public library is up against.  Pages is also a tale of heroism by those who take desperate measures to protect what we cannot afford to lose.  An affecting, thought-provoking fable for our time. ~~Andrew Ade, Playwright



Imagine a world without access to knowledge, where librarians are heroes and everyday intellectuals risk their lives protecting the written word. Play write Deb Sanchez examines life in an America without libraries in her short work, Pages: A Library Play. When e-knowledge seizes popular infatuation and funding for libraries fail, a band of courageous people flout dictates against keeping “fire hazard” books. During their biblophilian rescues, they take their lives and freedoms into their own hands. Though the cast is small and the play short, Ms. Sanchez’s words leave her audiences with much to contemplate. ~~ Kerry E.B. Black, Author


Playwright Debra R. Sanchez presents a dystopian play about the slow death of libraries in Pages, A Library Play.  In it, Sanchez explores what might happen if libraries are deemed unnecessary and are forced to close. In a gradual process, libraries become underfunded and books become subjected to censorship committees until libraries are forced to close.  


The rush to preserve books and documents before they are lost forever spur on small groups of book lovers who know that if they are caught, the results will be disastrous As one character puts it, “It’s hard to imagine a world without libraries. Even harder to imagine a world without books.”~~Vicki Grey, Writer




Also Coming Soon:

Children's Picture Books:


Flutter Me By

What's that Noise?



So Much Fun


Chocolate Spaghetti for Breakfast


Annzie the Brave
by D. L. Williams

(English Spanish)


Non-Fiction Educator's Guide:

50 More Shades of Teaching
by Todd Cole