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Raw & Unfinished

by d.r. sanchez

This collection of award winning poetry combines published and fresh poems by a multifaceted


Life’s journey begins before we are born and continues after we are gone. Here are words of past, words of future, words of dreams.

Like the author, the words on these pages
are Raw and Unfinished.

Awarded The Author Zone award for poetry, October 18, 2018.

Praises and Ponderings from a Poet's Path
by Megan E. Vance

A collection of heartfelt, inspirational poems celebrating grace and love.

The poems in this collection are divided into the following themes:

Christmas Ponderings

Praise Ponderings

People Ponderings


Potpourri of Ponderings

Awarded an The Author Zone award for poetry, April 23, 2020

Poetic Nightmares

by Kerry E.B. Black

Nightmares come to every soul in all the seasons of life. In her first collection of dark poetry, The Author Zone winning author Kerry E.B. Black mounts up her "evening fillies" and parades them for you.

Walk through haunted woodlands and make a deal at the crossroads. Dive into the ocean and chew some jerky.
Black takes inspiration from and divides the poetry into seasons, with apocryphal horsemen leading the way. Saddle up! It's going to be an interesting exploration


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Pages: A Library Play

~by D. R. Sanchez


Libraries and the books they hold play a vital role in our world. This one-act play explores a possible future where communities stop supporting libraries.


Discover what a small group must do to save the past for the matter what the cost.


Today libraries across the country are being closed due to lack of community and government support. The circumstances presented in this play are all too real.


What would you do if faced with these decisions?

What can you do now to prevent it from happening?

The future of libraries and books is in your hands.

Also available in Spanish:

Páginas: Un Cuento de Bibliotecas


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