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The Alphabet Sleepover


Written by Beverly Sutherland
Illustrated by Beverly Martinko

Lisa's having an "Alphabet Sleepover" with her friends. What does it mean? What will they do?


This charming picture book is about fun with friends and the alphabet. The sleepover activities are all based on the letters of the alphabet. It is a good book for young children to learn the letters as well as for older children to read a fun story about friendship.

This book is only available in English.

Bilingual (English/Spanish) Picture Book:

Annzie the Brave/ Annzie la Valiente 
Written by D.L. Williams
Illustrated by Ashley Plummer

​First Place: Picture Book TAZ Awards 2020

A bilingual picture book based on a TRUE story.
Annzie may have obstacles in her life, but when she’s on Lil Girl, she can do ANYTHING! Based on a true story, Annzie the Brave is about a real little girl and the therapy horse she loves.


Bilingual (English/Spanish) Picture Book:

And My Mother Cried 
Y Mi Mamá Lloró


Written by Debra R. Sanchez 

Illustrated by Michelle Bowden Dobi

​First Place: Children's Book TAZ Awards 2017


Moving from place to place brings a wide variety of emotions to both children and parents.

It can be both scary and an adventure.


This book, based on a true story, explores the many reasons a mother may cry and it also looks at realities that many families face when moving, whether to a new town or to a new country.

Bilingual (English/Spanish) Picture Book:

The Brave Birch

El Arbedul Valiente
Written by David Q. Hall
Illustrated by Belinda Cohen

Some mornings are so beautiful that you just have to sing and make a happy noise.


Long, long ago a little bird did that and got picked on by a mean bully. No one seemed to be able to help…until a brave birch tree came to the rescue.

And birch trees have never been the same since.

It’s been over a half century since the author first heard this magical tale from Native people of North America.  Ojibwa children enjoyed this story in their forest homes, the author enjoyed it as a young man, and now you can enjoy it, too!

Bilingual (English/Spanish) Picture Book:

Chocolate Spaghetti for Breakfast
Espaghetis de Chocolate para el Desayuno

Written by
Debra R. Sanchez 
Illustrated by Laura Garvin


Some mornings you let Mom sleep in, even when you are hungry.

Follow the adventure on the way to an unusual meal.

Bilingual (English/Spanish)
Illustrated Collection of Short Stories:

The Legend of the Niags
and Stories from Native Americans
La leyenda de los Niags y las historias de los Nativos Americanos

Written by David Q. Hall
Illustrated by Belinda Cohen

This book is a collection of stories based on Native American tribes’ stories and legends. These are wonderful stories that tell who those Native American people were and are. What they believed. How they saw the earth and the heavens. They are treasures of the mind and spirit.


Some stories are necessarily sad, some are wonderfully happy. We hope you will find happiness in reading these stories.

Bilingual (English/Spanish) Picture Book:


Snow Pants for Isabella
Pantalones de Nieve para Isabella


Written by Debra R. Sanchez

Illustrated by Cassidy N. Bodnar

​First Place: Picture Book TAZ Awards 2020

Isabella knows her own mind and isn't concerned with doing what everyone else does.

A true "mighty girl" story, written in both English and Spanish.

It’s the first big snow of winter and Isabella can’t wait to play outside with her brother.

Find out how she fixes some of her unexpected problems.

Bilingual (English/Spanish) Picture Book:


What's that Noise?: ¿Qué ruido es? 


Written by Debra R. Sanchez

Illustrated by Cassidy N. Bodnar


What is that loud noise coming from behind the door to the next room?

Is it an elephant? Or, maybe twenty wolves? Or something else?


This bilingual book is a fun way to solve a mystery, count to twenty and learn words for wild animals.

Bilingual (English/Spanish) Picture Book:

When the Owl Calls for You
Cuando el Búho te Llama

Written by David Q. Hall
Illustrated by Belinda Cohen

Owls are amazing birds. 

Did you ever think of an owl, hooting in the night, as scary, or even something bad?

In many Native American tribes owls hooting were considered a “bad omen,” a signal that something bad was going to happen. Some even believed that they were a symbol of death.

This is the story of one Native American child who feared that the owl was calling for her.

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