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Inspirational & Memoir

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CELEBRATE: A Collection of Life’s Celebrations

Non-Fiction Inspirational Anthology (2019)

To reduce negativity in the world, it is vital to devote time to the positive.

Holidays. Special Days. Momentous Events. Personal Triumphs.

All are worthy of being celebrated.


This collection focuses on all of the above.

The style of each piece is as varied as the contributors.


It includes: Poetry, Essays, Stories, and Articles


Start at the beginning and read in order.

~ OR ~

Open the book to any random page.

There is something here for everyone.

Non-Fiction Bilingual (English/Spanish) Picture Books:

And My Mother Cried  / Y Mi Mamá Lloró


Written by Debra R. Sanchez 

Illustrated by Michelle Bowden Dobi

​First Place: Children's Book TAZ Awards 2017


Moving from place to place brings a wide variety of emotions to both children and parents.
It can be both scary and an adventure.


This book, based on a true story, explores the many reasons a mother may cry and it also looks at realities that many families face when moving, whether to a new town or to a new country.

Annzie the Brave/ Annzie la Valiente 
Written by D.L. Williams
Illustrated by Ashley Plummer

​First Place: Picture Book TAZ Awards 2020

A bilingual picture book based on a TRUE story.
Annzie may have obstacles in her life, but when she’s on Lil Girl, she can do ANYTHING! Based on a true story, Annzie the Brave is about a real little girl and the therapy horse she loves.

Annzie puede tener obstáculos en su vida, pero cuando está en Lil Girl, ¡Puede hacer CUALQUIER COSA! Basada en una historia verdadera, Annzie la Valiente trata sobre una niña real y el caballo de terapia que ella ama.

From the Milk House to the White House /De la Granja Lechera a la Casa Blanca

Written by  Christine Telesz Siddall
Illustrated by Ashley Plummer

Tommy’s life is about to change, and so will her name. After a close encounter with a visitor at the dairy farm where Tommy lives, she finds herself on an unimaginable journey.
Based on a true story.

La vida de Tommy está a punto de cambiar, y también su nombre. Tras un encuentro cercano con una visitante en la granja lechera donde vive Tommy, ésta se encuentra en un viaje inimaginable.
Basada en una historia real.




285 Miles of Prayer: A Memoir of My Six-Day Bicycle Sabbath Tour
Through Southeast Georgia


by Jeremy Cole

On the seventh day the Lord rested.

We need rest too.

We often get too caught up in the busyness of life that we forget to stop, rest, breathe and be still.

Sabbath rest looks different for each person. For me, I find sabbath rest from several miles on my bike.
That’s where the story before you was born.

I saw a need in my life for an extended sabbath and six days on my bike was just the right recipe.

Before you is a prayerful journal of my six-day bike sabbath journey.

May it be a blessing and encouragement to you.

A Man, A Plan, A Life for Us

by Susanna Fussenegger


Now *available, A Man, A Plan, A Life for Us, a memoir by Susanna Fussenegger, is a heartfelt slice of life. It focuses on life-changing events of a young woman in the Budapest of the mid 1960s and follows her steps with the man who would change her life as they eventually made their way to the U.S.A.
*Available exclusively through Tree Shadow Press

Finding My Way


By Jerry Morton.

Hello, this is Jerry Morton. The stories you are about to read are true.
They reflect many of the diverse sub-cultures within the United States I have experienced under the microscope of time. They provide peeks into the development of American culture from the mi
d 1940's to the present. They offer a reaffirmation of the sense of fairness that exists within all of us regardless of our backgrounds or current life situations.
These events and interactions include many different belief systems I encountered throughout my childhood and into my adult and senior years.
They offer glimpses into my quest to understand life's truths, including a search for explanations of the unexplainable.

Serendipity: A Memoir

(Coming in 2023)

By Sandra Spirnock

AWilliam boarded a train in Pittsburgh, PA. He hoped to meet a woman on his way to California.
Sandy boarded the same train in Canton, OH, 100 miles west of Pittsburgh.
The last thing on her mind was meeting a man.
Entering the terminal to begin a long layover in Chicago, William noticed Sandy.
The watching and waiting began as he wondered, “Is she also going to California?”
It was love at first sight.
Was that love strong enough to survive the 100 mile distance between their homes?

This heartwarming story shows that the ordinary, yet serendipitous moments are often the ones that bring the greatest joy and hold the most meaning in our lives. 


Praises and Ponderings from a Poet's Path 


A collection of poetry by:

Megan E. Vance

Join her in a journey as she shares musings about the journey of life, creation, and other myriad thoughts.


The poems in this collection are divided into the following themes:

Christmas Ponderings

Praise Ponderings

People Ponderings


Potpourri of Ponderings

Raw & Unfinished

by d.r. sanchez

This collection of award winning poetry combines published and fresh poems by a multifaceted author.

Life’s journey begins before we are born and continues after we are gone. Here are words of past, words of future, words of dreams.
Like the author, the words on these pagesare Raw and Unfinished.

Awarded The Author Zone award for poetry, October 18, 2018.

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