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Prompted, Prodded, Published: How Writing Prompts Can Help All Writers 


This book is both a useful writing tool and an anthology of short stories.

The stories were written by a variety of writers from every skill level.

There are stories by absolute beginners, highly seasoned professional writers,
and everything in between.

The ideas provided in this book will spark the imagination and help
writers of all levels by stretching the thought process to help:

  • Grow fresh ideas.

  • Try new genres.

  • Break writer’s block.

  • Exercise the craft.

Winner of a TAZ Award from The Author Zone 2017



285 Miles of Prayer: A Memoir of My Six-Day Bicycle Sabbath Tour
Through Southeast Georgia


by Jeremy Cole

On the seventh day the Lord rested.

We need rest too.

We often get too caught up in the busyness of life that we forget to stop, rest, breathe and be still.

Sabbath rest looks different for each person. For me, I find sabbath rest from several miles on my bike.
That’s where the story before you was born.


I saw a need in my life for an extended sabbath and six days on my bike was just the right recipe.

Before you is a prayerful journal of my six-day bike sabbath journey.

May it be a blessing and encouragement to you.

Coming Soon:

50 More Shades of Teaching


by Todd Cole

Veteran education expert, Todd Cole offers 50 more tips and tricks to help teachers of all stages of their careers find support and encouragement to continue in their calling as a teacher of students, rather than
 teacher of the curriculum. 

This collection of advice is in both English in the front of the book and Spanish in the second half of the book. 

This book not only offers practical advice, but it also looks at the importance of compassion for students, coworkers, family and fellow human beings.  

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