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A Carousel of Nightmares

Kerry E.B. Black


A collection of short stories that will thrill readers, without preventing sleep.

Kerry E.B. Black corralled these untameable beasts for your pleasure. Find the beauty in their skeletal coats, the sparkle in their malignant eyes. May the ride they offer lead to the adventure you seek!

Herd of Nightmares 

by Kerry E.B. Black


Some nightmares possess panache, tripping into a subconscious with surprising delicacy to first creep into the dreamer’s trust.

Others pound their splintered hooves through memories, scattering fear with every thundering footfall. 

First Place: Anthology TAZ Awards 2020


Fairy Herds & Mythscapes

A 3rd collection of short horror by Kerry E.B. Black,
author of 2020 TAZ award-winning short story collection Herd of Nightmares.

This latest volume of short stories stampedes into the realm of tales inspired by global fairy tales and myths.

To survive a trip through the vale of the fair folk, you must know the rules. Be polite, but don't say thank you. Iron brings death to the fey, so if you carry it, be prepared for aggression. Stick to the path, keep your word, and be industrious. And NEVER eat goblin food.

(There are many more. They can be fun.)


Novels & YA Novels

Seasons of Growing
A Paranormal YA Series
Now available in English OR Spanish

AwakeningAtEquinox-Front Cover.jpg
Despertar en Equinoccio-Front Cover.jpg
Season of Spirits Cover Front-FINAL3-20-2022.jpg
Primavera de Espiritus-Front-cover-Final.jpg
Awakening at Equinox
Book 1 of the Season of Growing Series

~by Kerry E.B. Black


Shy Casey Adams never imagined the changes a secret campus
ceremony would bring to her already complicated life.

Now, she’s plagued with horrifying visions. Her new friends share disturbing dreams of a mysterious and beguiling woman, and they all seem different, and not necessarily for the better.

Ol’ Nor’Eastern College is besieged by grisly murders and Casey worries they may have unwittingly unleashed more than their inner potentials during their strange ceremony. They may have released something primal. Something hungry. Something sinister.

Fans of magical realism will enjoy this debut Young Adult contemporary exploration of the paranormal, of responsibility to family, friends, and community, and of self-acceptance.

Spring of Spirits
Book 2 of the Season of Growing Series

~by Kerry E.B. Black


Casey Adams senses when someone is about to die, and with her expressions of grief, she aids their passage beyond the veil. There are new developments, though, with new responsibilities. She learns psychopomps help more than just people, has to share her best friend, Jaimie, and makes new friends at Ol' Nor'Eastern College.

As her family handles a complicated relationship with her mother, a mysterious stranger who looks a lot like Casey causes mischief. The kind of trouble that threatens to end Casey's college career.
Spring of Secrets is Book Two of the Seasons of Growing series.
In Book One, Awakening at Equinox, Casey and her friends were part of an "Awakening" ceremony on campus which changed all in attendance.

Winter of Wonders
Book 3 of the Season of Growing Series

~by Kerry E.B. Black


Coming soon.

Summer of Solace 
Book 4 of the Season of Growing Series

~by Kerry E.B. Black


Coming soon.

Dystopian Books

front cover.jpg
Pages: A Library Play

~by D. R. Sanchez


Libraries and the books they hold play a vital role in our world. This one-act play explores a possible future where communities stop supporting libraries.


Discover what a small group must do to save the past for the matter what the cost.


Today libraries across the country are being closed due to lack of community and government support. The circumstances presented in this play are all too real.


What would you do if faced with these decisions?

What can you do now to prevent it from happening?

The future of libraries and books is in your hands.

Also available in Spanish:

Páginas: Un Cuento de Bibliotecas

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