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Two New Titles

Cover: Henry: The Jersey Brigade

We are excited to announce TWO new titles in our collection.

In January, Henry: The Jersey Brigade, the first of the TOE THE MARK Series was published.

This series will delve into the lives of actual Civil War era soldiers. It touches on their lives, their loves, and the battles surrounding them.

Author Ruth Ochs Webster has a flair for bringing the characters to life through engaging dialogue and accurate details of life in the time of war.

In the coming months, several more books will follow, each focusing on a different soldier, whose lives merge as time passes. You do NOT want to miss this series.

Toe The Mark Series
Front Cover: Prompted, Prodded, Published

The next new book is a hybrid. The first part of the book is a writing guide loaded with prompts and advice on where to find them and how to use them.

The second part is an anthology of 76 short stories, which are examples of what a variety of writer (from absolute beginner to polished professional) wrote in response to a series of thirty prompts. The work of nineteen different writers is included.

Whether you are looking for writing prompts, or like to read short stories, this book is for you.

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