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2020: The Bad, the Good, and the What's Next???

As everyone on the planet knows 2020 has been unlike anything we have ever seen.

The Bad:

All of the book festivals and in-person author events, including various conferences, that our authors were planning to attend were cancelled through September, and the ones later this year are starting to follow the same pattern.

The Good:

Even though our in-person events were postponed and cancelled, it has still been a good year with more new releases than any other year so far.

Several of our books also won awards from The Author Zone 2020 awards - which sadly was held remotely and without ceremony and banquet. Best Picture Book: Annzie the Brave/Annie la Valiente Best Children's Book (ages 8-12): Snow Pants for Isabella/Pantalones de Nieve para Isabella Best Historical Fiction: Cousins at War Best Anthology: Herd of Nightmares

Honorable Mention Poetry: Praises and Ponderings from a Poet's Path

We started the year with two AMAZING picture books: The Alphabet Sleepover, written by Beverly Sutherland and illustrated by Beverly Martinko, is a fun story with delightful illustrations.

Annzie the Brave/Annzie la Valiente, written by D.L Williams and illustrated by Ashely Plummer, is about the bond between a little girl and her therapy horse. Based on a true story this book touches the heart with its text and rich illustrations. It won "Best Picture Book" at the 2020 Author Zone awards. Another bilingual picture book joined the collection in June. What's that Noise?/¿Qué Ruido Es?, written by Debra R. Sanchez and illustrated by Cassidy Bodnar, is a surprising mystery that also teaches numbers from 1-20 and words for twenty kinds of animals in English and Spanish.

Last year's Snow Pants for Isabella/Pantalones de Nieve para Isabella, by the same Sanchez/Bodnar team, won "Best Children's Book" for ages 8-12 at the 2020 Author Zone Awards.

In May we released a record THREE new titles.

285 Miles of Prayer: A Memoir of My Six-Day Bicycle Sabbath Tour Through Southeast Georgia, by Jeremy Cole, is an thought provoking journey in text and photos. A true inspiration for all contemplating personal growth. Cellaring, by David Q Hall, is a psychological thriller that delves into the murky prospect of government conspiracy, murder, and mental illness. May also brought Hall's third book of the Death Most Unholy series, Death Stalks the Forest. Just when his popular characters think they are settling down to a quiet new life...

Besides the bilingual picture book mentioned above, June also brought the next of Kerry EB Black's dark short story collections, Fairy Herds and Mythscapes. This latest volume of short stories stampedes into the realm of tales inspired by global fairy tales and myths. The author's 2019 release Herd of Nightmares won "Best Anthology" at the 2020 Author Zone awards.

Ruth Ochs Webster's 2019 release Cousins at War, the third in her Toe the Mark series, won "Best Historical Fiction" at the 2020 Author Zone awards. She is currently working on the fourth book of this series.

July brought two more books to the Tree Shadow Press collection.

David Q Hall's book Bodegando is the Spanish version of Cellaring. We are excited to be able to bring an increasing number of bilingual and Spanish language books.

The other July book is a useful and inspirational guide for teachers, 50 (More) Shades of Teaching, by Todd Cole. Although it is aimed at teachers at all stages of their careers, it can be enjoyed by anyone. This book is filled with wonderful advice and photos. The first part of the book is in English and the second part is in Spanish.

What's Next?

August and September have been spent working on behind the scenes projects. We anticipate a few more book releases this year. Some of the things we are currently working on are:

Death Not Investigated - the 4th and final book in the Death Most Unholy series by David Q Hall. Other books by Hall that are currently "in the works" are more psychological thrillers: Death in the Dinner Group, Murder and Big Momma, and Target on the Corner.

Another collection by Kerry EB Black is in the early stages of planning. The working title for this book is Nightmares on Holiday.

The following picture books are in the hands of the illustrators and are being translated into Spanish to add to our bilingual books: Chocolate Spaghetti for Breakfast Flutter Me Bye Umbrellas Know

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