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Two New Titles and Another Award

Since our last blog post, we have released two new books, and won another award!

Raw & Unfinished by d.r. sanchez received a TAZ award in the poetry category. This is her 3rd award from The Author Zone, which celebrates quality books from smaller presses. It is the 5th TAZ for Tree Shadow Press books. Author Kerry E.B. Black has two new collections of short horror, Carousel of Nightmares was released in late September 2018, and Herd of Nightmares which came out in January 2019. Some would calls these tales "light horror" because they avoid graphic violence and gore, yet even without these elements, they manage to raise the hair on your arms and tingle your spine.

The stories in Carousel feature more characters that are teens or younger children, and are suitable for most readers of all ages.

Some of the topics in Herd are more adult in nature. A collection of Haiku is sprinkled between short stories, keeping things interesting.

All of the stories in both volumes are written in a way that draws the reader in and grips their mind. As an old radio show used to say, they are "well calculated to keep you in

SUSPENSE." Work continues on Death Crashes the Wedding, the second book in the Death Most Unholy series, as well as the poetry book Praises and Ponderings from a Poet's Path by Megan E. Vance. What else is new? There are FIVE picture books in the hands of illustrators. Most of them will be released as bilingual books: Alphabet Sleepover (English only)​ Chocolate Spaghetti for Breakfast (English/Spanish) Flutter Me By (English/Spanish)​ Onesie, Twosie, Threesie, Four (English/Spanish) So Much Fun (English/Spanish)​

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