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What is legacy? A bequest, something handed down from ones' ancestors. For the Scotsmen who fought for America's Independence and their sons it was a proud heritage of patriotism, duty, and a stout heart in the face of danger. When America erupted in an ugly civil war in 1861, it would fall upon the shoulders of the fifth generation of Ramseys in America to defend the Union and its flag.


The Ramsey Legacy is a story that follows the sons from one Scots American family through four turbulent years, from Ontario to Alabama, from the battlefield to the home front, to the halls of political power. Ben—the nascent industrialist. Jack—a brooding blacksmith. Bill—the civic-minded engineer.


Experience the early Virginia campaign and Shiloh, the gunboat action on the Yazoo and Mississippi Rivers, and the Sieges of Vicksburg and Mobile. Endure the political battles, corruption, and intrigue emanating from the North, fueled by secret Copperhead societies, conspirators, and financiers hoping to destroy the Union. Live the everyday life of those in and out of uniform, from the workplace to the opera house, from the saloon and brothel to the theater—riots, rallies, fights, celebrations, laughter, and tears.

Inspired by a true story.
Based on historical, military, and genealogical research.

The Ramsey Legacy

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