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2019 & 2020 Releases 

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5 New Award Winners!

The following titles are among the winning books at the 2020 TAZ Awards
(The Author Zone) 
announced on April 23, 2020

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SnowPants Front Cover.jpg
Herd of Nightmares-official picture-Cove
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** What's that Noise? ¿Qué ruido es?

(2020A bilingual picture book.
Written by Debra R. Sanchez
Illustrated by Cassidy N. Bodnar

What is that loud noise coming from behind the door to the next room? Is it an elephant? Or, maybe twenty wolves? Or something else? This bilingual book is a fun way to solve a mystery, count to twenty and learn words for wild animals.

¿Qué es ese ruido fuerte que viene de detrás de la puerta del otro cuarto? ¿Es un elefante? ¿O, tal vez veinte lobos? ¿O algo más? Este libro bilingüe es una forma divertida de resolver un misterio, contar hasta veinte y aprender palabras para los animales salvajes.

** 50 (More) Shades of Teaching

Non-Fiction Educator's Guide (English & Spanish)
by Todd Cole

Veteran education expert, Todd Cole offers 50 more tips and tricks to help teachers of all stages of their careers find support and encouragement to continue in their calling as a teacher of students, not a teacher of the curriculum. 

This collection of advice is in both English 
in the front of the book and Spanish in the second half of the book. 

This book not only offers practical advice, but it also looks at the importance of compassion for students, coworkers, family and fellow human beings.  



**  Death Stalks the Forest

Book Three of the 

Death Most Unholy Series 

by David Q. Hall

The Rev. Dr. Daniel Henricks and his best friend, Will “Tiny” Jones, are settling into their new lives in Michigan with their
wives Andrea and Angela. 


There was no one more expert, or more lethal, in the North Woods and swamps of Northern Michigan than Junior. No one could match his ability to stalk unseen and undetected in the forest, nor his skill with a deadly crossbow. He could strike and disappear without leaving a trace...

Until one of the most beautiful and proficient women on earth tracked him down..

** Fairy Herds & Mythscapes


A 3rd collection of short horror by Kerry E.B. Black,
author of 2020 TAZ award-winning short story collection Herd of Nightmares.

This latest volume of short stories stampedes into the realm of tales inspired by global fairy tales and myths.

To survive a trip through the vale of the fair folk, you must know the rules. Be polite, but don't say thank you. Iron brings death to the fey, so if you carry it, be prepared for aggression. Stick to the path, keep your word, and be industrious. And NEVER eat goblin food.

(There are many more. They can be fun.)

**  Cellaring

A Psychological Thriller

by David Q. Hall

"Cellaring," "Glazin'," and visits to the old family
homestead and farmhouse out on the Midwestern
prairie were always favorite memories for Alice Louis

...until they involved murder.

Alice and the "package" she carried were targeted for
elimination by very, very powerful people.


How could she escape a professional hit squad with state-of-the-art technology?

And what was truly reality?


** Bodegando

'Bodegando’, ‘Glaseando', y visitas a la antigua vivienda familiar y granja en el medio oeste. La pradera siempre fue el recuerdo favorito de Alice Louis...
hasta que se involucraron en un asesinato .
Alice y el "paquete" que llevaba eran el objetivo de eliminación por personas muy, muy poderosas.
¿Cómo pudo escapar de un escuadrón profesional con tecnología de punta?
¿Y cuál era la verdadera realidad? 

** 285 Miles of Prayer: A Memoir of My Six-Day Bicycle Sabbath Tour Through Southeast Georgia

by Jeremy Cole

On the seventh day the Lord rested.

We need rest too.

We often get too caught up in the busyness of life that we forget to stop, rest, breathe and be still.

Sabbath rest looks different for each person. For me, I find sabbath rest from several miles on my bike. That’s where the story before you was born.

I saw a need in my life for an extended sabbath and six days on my bike was just the right recipe.

Before you is a prayerful journal of my six-day bike sabbath journey.

May it be a blessing and encouragement to you.

Front Cover.jpg
FRONT cover.jpg
FRONT COVER-Crashes-blood splashed 4-1-2

First Place: Picture Book 

Annzie the Brave/ Annzie la Valiente (2020)

Written by D.L. Williams
Illustrated by Ashley Plummer

A bilingual picture book based on a TRUE story.
Annzie may have obstacles in her life, but when she’s on Lil Girl, she can do ANYTHING! Based on a true story, Annzie the Brave is about a real little girl and the therapy horse she loves.

Annzie puede tener obstáculos en su vida, pero cuando está en Lil Girl, ¡Puede hacer CUALQUIER COSA! Basada en una historia verdadera, Annzie la Valiente trata sobre una niña real y el caballo de terapia que ella ama.




First Place: Children's Book 
(grades 3-8)


Snow Pants for Isabella / Pantalones de Nieve para Isabella  (2019)
A bilingual picture book.
Written by Debra R. Sanchez
Illustrated by Cassidy N. Bodnar

Isabella knows her own mind and isn't concerned with doing what everyone else does. A true "mighty girl" story, written in both English and Spanish.

It’s the first big snow of winter and Isabella can’t wait to play outside with her brother. Find out how she fixes some of her unexpected problems.

Es la primera nevada del invierno e Isabella no puede esperar para jugar afuera con su hermano. Averigüe como ella consigue soluciones para unos problemas no esperados.



First Place: Anthology


Herd of Nightmares  (2019)

by Kerry E.B. Black

Some nightmares possess panache, tripping into a subconscious with surprising delicacy to first creep into the dreamer’s trust.

Others pound their splintered hooves through memories, scattering fear with every thundering footfall. 

First Place: Historical Fiction

Jesse: 53rd Kentucky (2018)

by Ruth Ochs Webster

Book Two in the Toe the Mark Civil War Series.

Inspired by the life of a Civil War veteran: Corporal Jesse J. Cook, Co. B, 53rd KY.

Based on military records from the National Archives, regimental records, historical newspaper accounts, and genealogical research.

Honorable Mention: POETRY

Praises and Ponderings from a Poet's Path (2019)

A collection of poetry by:

Megan E. Vance

Join her in a journey as she shares musings about the journey of life, creation, and other myriad thoughts.


The poems in this collection are divided into the following themes:

Christmas Ponderings

Praise Ponderings

People Ponderings


Potpourri of Ponderings

Also Coming Soon:

Children's Picture Books:


Chocolate Spaghetti for Breakfast



Flutter Me By


So Much Fun



Umbrellas Know

Mysteries & Thrillers:

Death Not Investigated
by David Q Hall

(4th and final book in the Death Most Unholy series)

Death in the Dinner Group

by David Q Hall

Murder and Big Momma

by David Q Hall

Last One Standing

by David Q Hall

Tree Shadow Press: Dedicated to Different


At Tree Shadow Press, we believe that different is better. We offer a variety of extraordinary books that celebrate a wide range of interests.


We are a small independent company that publishes anthologies, poetry chapbooks, bilingual picture books, and more. As we grow, we will offer chapter books for older children, books for young adults, novels of many genres, as well as non-fiction texts.


At this time we are not accepting manuscripts. 
Check back often for calls for submission. 


We are currently looking for illustrators. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us through our "Contact" page. Unsolicited emails with attachments will be deleted without opening.


The Alphabet Sleepover (2020)

written by Beverly Sutherland
illustrated by Beverly Martinko

Lisa has an "Alphabet Sleepover" with her friends.

What does it mean?

What will they do?


This charming picture book is about fun with friends and the alphabet. The sleepover activities are all based on the letters of the alphabet.

It is a good book for young children to learn the letters as well as for older children to read a fun story about friendship.

CELEBRATE: A Collection of Life’s Celebrations

Non-Fiction Inspirational Anthology (2019)

To reduce negativity in the world,

it is vital to devote time to the positive.

Holidays. Special Days. Momentous Events.

Personal Triumphs.


All are worthy of being celebrated.


This collection focuses on all of the above.

The style of each piece is as varied as the contributors.


It includes: Poetry, Essays, Stories, and Articles


Start at the beginning and read in order.

~ OR ~

Open the book to any random page.

There is something here for everyone.

Death Crashes the Wedding (2019)

Book Two of the 

Death Most Unholy Series 
by David Q. Hall

The Rev. Dr. Daniel Henricks and his best friend,
Will “Tiny” Jones, have almost simultaneously

fallen in love with strong, fascinating women -

Andrea and Angela. 

A wedding is celebrated at Danny’s South Presbyterian Pittsburgh church…but concludes with a murder. Why?

Is the victim the intended target?

If not, then who?

And who’s behind it all?

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