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Tree Shadow Press
is dedicated to 
extraordinary books
for readers
who believe
that different is better.

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Tree Shadow Press: Dedicated to Different


At Tree Shadow Press, we believe that different is better. We offer a variety of extraordinary books that celebrate a wide range of interests.


We are a small independent company that publishes anthologies, poetry chapbooks, bilingual picture books, and more. As we grow, we will offer chapter books for older children, books for young adults, novels of many genres, as well as non-fiction texts.

At this time we are not accepting manuscripts. Check back often for calls for submission. 


We are currently looking for illustrators. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us through our "Contact" page. Unsolicited emails with attachments will be deleted without opening.


NEW Releases 

Award Winners

All of our books are available in our Bookstore, Amazon and other online stores. Some titles available in a few independent bookstores.



The Alphabet Sleepover

written by Beverly Sutherland
illustrated by Beverly Martinko

Lisa's having an "Alphabet Sleepover" with her friends.

What does it mean?

What will they do?


This charming picture book is about fun with friends and the alphabet. The sleepover activities are all based on the letters of the alphabet.

It is a good book for young children to learn the letters as well as for older children to read a fun story about friendship.

CELEBRATE: A Collection of Life’s Celebrations

Non-Fiction Inspirational Anthology

To reduce negativity in the world,

it is vital to devote time to the positive.


Special Days.

Momentous Events.

Personal Triumphs.


All are worthy of being celebrated.


This collection focuses on all of the above.

The style of each piece is as varied as the contributors.


It includes:




and Articles


Start at the beginning and read in order.

~ OR ~

Open the book to any random page.

There is something here for everyone.

Praises and Ponderings from a Poet's Path


A collection of poetry by:

Megan E. Vance

Join her in a journey as she shares musings about the journey of life, creation, and other myriad thoughts.


The poems in this collection are divided into the following themes:

Christmas Ponderings

Praise Ponderings

People Ponderings


Potpourri of Ponderings

Snow Pants for Isabella / Pantalones de Nieve para Isabella
A new bilingual picture book.
Written by Debra R. Sanchez
Illustrated by Cassidy N. Bodnar

Isabella knows her own mind and isn't concerned with doing what everyone else does. A true "mighty girl" story, written in both English and Spanish.

Snow Pants for Isabella 
It’s the first big snow of winter and Isabella can’t wait to play outside with her brother. Find out how she fixes some of her unexpected problems.

Es la primera nevada del invierno e Isabella no puede esperar para jugar afuera con su hermano. Averigüe como ella consigue soluciones para unos problemas no esperados.

Death Crashes the Wedding

Book Two of the 

Death Most Unholy Series 
by David Q. Hall

The Rev. Dr. Daniel Henricks and his best friend,
Will “Tiny” Jones, have almost simultaneously

fallen in love with strong, fascinating women -

Andrea and Angela. 

A wedding is celebrated at Danny’s South Presbyterian Pittsburgh church…but concludes with a murder. Why?

Is the victim the intended target?

If not, then who?

And who’s behind it all?

Poetry Chapbook:

Raw & Unfinished

~ by d.r. sanchez 

This collection of award winning poetry
combines with other published and fresh
poems by a multifaceted author.
Life’s journeybegins before we are born
and continues after we are gone.
Here are words of past, words of
future, words of dreams. Like the author, the
words on these pages are Raw and Unfinished.
* Winner of an award from The Author Zone, 2018.

Bilingual Children's Picture Book:

And My Mother Cried Y Mi Mamá Lloró

~ by Debra R. Sanchez &

Illustrated by Michelle Bowden Dobi

Moving from place to place brings a wide

variety of emotions to both children and

parents. It can be both scary and an adventure.


This book, based on a true story, explores the many reasons a mother may cry and it also looks at realities that many families face when moving, whether to a new town or to a new country.

The illustrations richly enhance the story which is written in both English and Spanish.
* Winner of an award from The Author Zone 2017.

Writers' Tool & Anthology:

Prompted, Prodded, Published:

How Writing Prompts Can Help

All Writers  is both a useful writing tool

and an anthology of short stories.


The stories were written by a variety

of writers from every skill level.


There are stories by absolute beginners,

seasoned professional writers, and
in between.

The ideas provided in this book will spark

the imagination and help writers of all

levels by stretching the thought process to help:

  • Grow fresh ideas.

  • Try new genres.

  • Break writer’s block.

  • Exercise the craft.

* Winner of an award from The Author Zone 2017.​


We are currently looking for illustrators. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us through our "Contact" page. Unsolicited emails with attachments will be deleted without opening.


At this time we are not accepting manuscripts. 
Check back often for calls for submission.